Know What Laparoscopic Appendectomy Is

Laparoscopic appendectomy (appendectomy) is a surgical procedure to remove an appendix or appendix that has an infection using the laparoscopic method. Laparoscopic appendectomy is an alternative method of open appendicitis surgery. Appendix or appendix is an organ in the body that looks like a sac, and its location is attached to the large intestine in the lower right abdomen. The appendix is about 4-10 cm in size and its function is unknown until now. The appendix can become inflamed due to bacterial infection that occurs when the opening of the appendix is blocked by feces. This condition is also called appendicitis (appendicitis). If appendicitis is not treated immediately, the appendix can rupture and cause bacteria and fecal particles to enter the abdominal cavity. This can cause a serious condition called peritonitis and can be life threatening. The most important type of appendicitis treatment is through surgical removal of the appendix or appendectomy. Appendectomy can be
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